etf-lt-productETF LT is a cased piping system for LN2, CO2, O2, Ammonia, Chilled Water or Process Piping. ETF pre-insulated cased pipe shall consist of the following components:

Carrier Pipe

Type (K) or (L) hard drawn copper tubing conforming to ASTM-B-88 in 20-foot lengths. Stainless steel, carbon steel, PVC or FRP may be specified as required by the service.


Polyurethane foam with the following minimum characteristics:
K Factor .14, density 2.8 PCF, closed cell content – 90-95% in conformance with ASTM C-591 completely filling the annular space between carrier pipe and jacket.

Jacketing Material

High impact seamless polyvinyl chloride (PVC) class 12454 B-compound conforming to ASTM 1784, Type 1, Grade 1. Jacket diameter and wall thickness as required by service. Other jackets may be specified by engineer.

Insulation of Straight Joints

After brazing/soldering, a solid PVC sleeve is slid over the joint overlapping the jacketing on both sides. The sleeve ends are taped to the jacket with tape coat below ground, PVC tape above ground, a 3/4″ hole is drilled in the sleeve to receive 2 part liquid foam. After insulating the joint with ETF-urethane foam kit, hole is plugged and taped.


All fittings shall be insulated utilizing the Energy Task Force standard fitting insulating kit of factory pre-fabricated and pre-insulated as required. Underground systems shall be buried in a trench of not less than 24 inches deeper than the top of the pipe jacket and not less than 18″ wider than the combined O.D. of all piping systems. Backfill should be tamped compactly in place. No rock shall be used in the first foot of backfill. Twenty-four (24) inches of jacket to grade of compacted fill will meet H-20 highway loading.

Field service by a certified distributors representative is available.